Coming Soon N.7
Coming Soon N.7

Fanzine printed at NAC, Newtonville, MA
Special Guest editor: Ashley Billingsley
Maverick marketplace, 154 Maverick St, East Boston, MA

Michael Billingsley, Whole Thing

Ariel Freiberg, The Blind Leading the Blind

David Kelley

Jeannie Simms, Might that be you

Diana De Forest, Aurelia

Andrea Sherrill Evans, Desert Island

Liz Nofziger, Levitate

Kirk Amaral Snow

Jasmine Chen, Tower

Matt Oates, Hal

Karen Karin Rosenberg, See Them Now

Dan DeRosato, vviennavview

Zsuzsanna Szegedi, The whole point is, there is nobody here

Tippy Maurant, Bojangles of Harlem

Chris Sharp, Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Elizabeth Gargas, Monument for the stage

Prince Aibangbe, Homage

Mixtape Louie, Internet

Allison Maria Rodriguez, Untitled

Renee Silva, Face Vase